Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst - Photo

Damien Hirst (Bristol, England June 7 1965)

Hirst studied art at the Goldsmith's College at the University of London. While there, he put together a ground-breaking exhibit entitled "Freeze" in 1988. The show featured the works of Fiona Rae, Sarah Lucas, and others, as well as his own.

Hirst and his fellow students became part of an emerging movement known as the Young British Artists. They were known for their unusual materials and for their challenging art concepts. One of Hirst's early works, "With Dead Head," illustrates his interest in death and shaking up the art establishment. In the photograph the artist, with a huge grin on his face, poses next to a severed head in a morgue.


In 1991, Hirst had his first solo exhibition at the Woodstock Street Gallery in London. He also participated in the Young British Artists show at the Saatchi Gallery the following year. There he displayed "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living," a 14-foot-long glass tank with a shark preserved in formaldehyde. The shark had been bought from an Australian fisherman.


In addition to being a creative visionary, Hirst has proved to be a savvy businessman.


Hirst continued to push the boundaries of art. In 2007, he unveiled "For the Love of God," a glittering, diamond-encrusted skull made of platinum. Many critics were less than impressed with this "celebration against death," as Hirst described.


These days, Hirst shows no signs of slowing down. He participates in exhibits around the world


He currently lives and works in England.


Solo Exhibitions (Selected)


Traedores from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi (2017)


New Religion, A. Kasteev State Museum of Arts, 2016


Damien Hirst, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, 2015


ARTIST ROOMS, The Pier Arts Centre, 2015


LOVE, Paul Stolper Gallery, 2015


Black Scalper Cityscapes, White Cube Sao Paolo, 2014


Schizophrenogenesis, Paul Stolper Gallery, 2014


Significativo (Hope, Immortality and Death in Paris, Now and Then, Deyrolle, 2014


The Psalms, McCabe Fine Art, 2014


Relics, ALRIWAQ, Qatar Museums Authority, 2013


Entomology Cabinets and Paintings, Scalpel Blade Paintins and Colour Charts, White Cube Hong Kong, 2013


Two Weeks One Summer, Pinchuk Art Centre 2012


ARTIST ROOMS, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2012


Two Weeks One Summer, White Cube Bermondsey, 2012


Damien Hirst, Tate Modern, 2012


The Quay Restaurant, The Quay Restaurant, 2012


Utopia, Paul Stolper Gallery, 2012


Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011, Gagosian Gallery, Eleven Locaciones world wide, 2012


Group Exhibitions (Selected)


Turkish Tulips, The Bowes Museum, 2017


ARK, Chester Cathedral, 2017


Sculpture in the City, 2017


Fragile State, Pinchuk Art Centre, 2017


Jubilee, Gallery Pangolin, 2016


Sculpture on the Move 1946-2016, Kunstmuseum Basel, 2016


William Hunter to Damien Hirst: The Dead Teach the Living, Hunterian Art Gallery, 2016


At Home, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2016


Money, Good and Evil: A Visual History of Economics, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden Museum and Casino Baden-Baden


Le Fleurs du Mal, Nahmad Contemperary Gallery, 2016


Life Itself, Moderna Museet, 2016


In Different Ways, Almine Rech Gallery, 2016


Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Collection: From Shohaku and Rosanjin to Anselm Kiefer, Yokohama Museum of Art, 2016


Dead Animals, or the Curious Ocurrence of Taxidermia in Contemporary Art, First Center for the Visual Arts, 2015


Beverly Hills 20 - Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995-2015, Group Exhibition, 2015. Gagosian Gallery, 2015


Black Sun, Fondation Beyeler, 2015


The Big Blue, Ordovas, 2015


Beyond Limits: Sotheby’s at Chatsworth, Chatsworth House, 2015


Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 2015


What we Call Love: From Surrealism to Now, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2015


Dismaland, Tropicana, 2015


Sculpture in the City, City of London Undershaft, 2015.


Bibelot, Hydra School Projects, 2015


The Line, Greenwich Meridian, 2015


Obedience, Jewish Museum Berlin, 2015


Trittico, Fondazione Prada, 2015


Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years, Zabludowicz Collection, 2015


Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector, Barbican Art Gallery, 2015


History is Now: 7 Artists Take on Britain, Hayward Gallery, 2015



Schlafos/Sleepless - Beds in History and Contemporary Art, 21r Haus, Belvedere, 2015


Self: Image and Identity, Turner Contemporary, 2015


Sculptors’ Jewellery, Pangolin London, 2015


La Gioia: Through the Eyes of Three Italian Art Collectors, Maison Particuliere, 2014


Self, Ordovas, 2014


Late Harvest, Nevada Museum of Art, 2014


Crucible 2, Gloucester Cathedral, 2014


Index 4: Proposals for the Era of Simulation, Galeria Hilario Galguera, 2014


ArtLovers: Stories of art in the Pinault Collection, Grimaldi Forum 2014



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