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Galería RGR will be participating in EXPO CHICAGO 2021.

For this edition of the Contemporary & Modern Art fair, we selected the work of the artists Elías Crespín, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Magdalena Fernández, Felipe Pantone and Jesús Rafael Soto. Each one of the selected proposals opens up different possibilities to rethink the way we approach sensory and cognitively to the artwork; each artist presents their work based on how the subject interacts -through individual experience- with the artistic object and the way in which technology changes our relationship with the world.

Since the beginning of the debates of pioneers like Cruz-Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto in modernism and abstraction, relevant changes in formal methods were generated, including a different understanding of the artistic field and new ways of producing art. His language, achieve to move in the space what often happened only in the spectator's retina or renew it from the digital contemporaneity we inhabit.

In conclusion, this project achieves a dialectic of abstraction by contrasting five projects that together create a mosaic of the different possibilities and creative potency of this artistic expression.