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(Mexico City, 1968)

With a master’s degree in painting, photography and video from the Pratt Institute, New York, and a bachelor’s in architecture from the Anáhuac del Norte University, Mexico City, Gabriel de la Mora has developed a multidisciplinary practice, whose diversity prevents easy classification. In general terms, his conceptual approach grows from the recovery and resignification of discarded objects and materials.

In rejection of the privileged notion of the artist as creator genius, De la Mora is dedicated to selecting and organizing those unwanted things, closing in on archival and historical ideas that highlight the processes within which objects are inscribed, instead of emphasizing the artist’s direct intervention. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the artist ceases to exist: through painting and a minimalist style, De la Mora individualizes each work and affirms his presence. This approach throws various art-historical terms, from ready-made to monochrome painting, into conflicts and juxtapositions whose solutions point towards the artist’s role as mediator and transformer of objects.

Currently , Gabriel de la Mora lives and works in Mexico City.