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Gego in 1969 with her “Reticulárea” in Caracas, Venezuela.

(Hamburg, Germany, 1912 - Caracas, Venezuela, 1994)

Gertrud Goldschmidt (Gego) studied Architecture and Engineering at the Stuttgart Technical School (Germany), where she was tutored by architect Paul Bonatz, following the models of the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism. In 1939, due to persecution from the Nazi regime, she migrated to Venezuela. 

In Caracas, Gego devoted her life to Design, particularly of furniture, and the development of architectural projects. Additionally, she began a long teaching career that would lead her to be one of the founders and professors of the Neumann Foundation Institute of Design (Caracas) in 1964. During the nineteen fifties, she deepened her artistic practice going from Figuration and Expressionism to establishing her signature dialogue within the realms of Kinetic art; through sculptures and installations grounded upon spectator participation, action and movement as key principles of productions, in the same spirit as her contemporaries Alejandro Otero and Jesús Rafael Soto.