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A Graphic Revolution: Prints and Drawings in Latin America @ The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

The Cleveland Museum of Art presented the exhibition A Graphic Revolution: Prints and Drawings in Latin America, which is a unique opportunity for the public to see some of the most representative graphic works of the 20th century, both for their content and for its technical innovation.

Because the popularity of engraving, etching and other techniques among artists at the beginning of the last century, with the purpose of reach a wider audience it became an essential medium in the artistic production of the time, especially in Latin America, due to the urge to take art outside of conventional spaces in order to approach to a greater part of society, and so transcend the romantic notion of the artist as an individual separated from the situations of his environment.

Among the curatorship, made up of more than 50 pieces, is possible to find the work of artists such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Gego and Jesús Rafael Soto. Thanks to the breadth of the selection, the public will notice a large part of the concerns of the mid-twentieth century regarding the incursion of dictatorial governments, political mobilizations and, in general, an urgency to express the diversity of phenomena and symbols that make up the notion of identity.

A Graphic Revolution will be open until November 29, 2020.