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El invernadero rojo, Patrick Hamilton @ Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque, Madrid

Patrick Hamilton presents the site-specific installation El invernadero rojo (The Red Glass House) at the Condeduque Contemporary Culture Center, located in Madrid. The work consists of a greenhouse covered with translucent red methacrylate, a material that impregnates an interactive character by allowing people to observe the installation from inside and outside. The premise of this piece is based on a series of associations related to climate change and the color red, a color with a historical and psychological load related to danger, blood, fire and, in terms of the economy, red is also used to refer to falls or negative balances: "being in the red".

Hamilton's work draws on experience and history to critically reflect on the future. In the case of this greenhouse, the work is a call for attention to the crises, whether economic, social or ecological, such as global warming.

El invernadero rojo can be visited from February 3 to April 26, 2021