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Emerge Selections @ Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

The guatemalan artist Dario Escobar was part of the collective exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago from September 22 to 24, 2020. This exhibition was titled Emerge Selections. The artwork that Dario chose for the display is part of his Geometric Constructions Series, titled Geometric Construction No. 3 (2012). He points out that this geometry was born from the need to recognize space and organize it according to colors, shapes and situations. In the aforementioned series, the use of wood, enamel and industrial paint predominates. Escobar is interested in "not reproducing what is seen, but generating interpretations. Escobar's work is characterized by the investigation of the formal and conceptual aspects of everyday objects and their function in the visual arts.

Emerge is an MCA Circle Donor affinity group of art enthusiasts, collectors, and patrons who support the museum in its annual art acquisition. Once a year, this group selects a small number of artworks for consideration. Emerge’s intention is to expand the MCA’s holdings by selecting artworks by artists not currently represented in the MCA Collection.