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Vertigo. Op Art and the History of Optical Illusion 1520-1970 @ Kunstmuseum de Stuttgart, Stuttgart

The intention of deceiving the human eye is one of the oldest discussions in the definition of the concept of art. What does an avant-gard as Op Art contributes or changes to this debate?

The exhibition “Vertigo. Op Art and the History of Optical Illusion 1520-1970” of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is a review of this artistic movement, while trying to mark a broader genealogy on plastic research that seeks to manipulate the senses of the viewer.

Using the film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock, as a metaphor for a more complex whole that is subdivided into several moments, the exhibition brings together the works of great artist of this avant-gard, such as: Victor Vasarely, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Nicolas Schöffer, reread from their correlation with others moments in the History of Art.