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Personal Shopper (Still from video), 2016. Dir. Olivier Assayas. Image from

The terse ghost story and thriller Personal Shopper made by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas (2016) provides a productive point of departure for the group-show Spiritual Abstractions. This exhibition gathers works by intergenerational women, transitional or fluid artists including Tania Candiani, Hilma’s Ghost, Kati Horna, Magali Lara, France-Lise McGurn, Vibe Overgaard, and Salmo Suyo. 

The works selected for this group show unfold premonitory questions that examine how women's struggles affect and matter to the immediate political future of humanity. Assayas’ suggestive yet problematic piece of contemporary cinematic fiction serves as a productive framework that allows to explore new methodologies and formal strategies deployed by women artists, which to some extent can be traced back to historical Spiritualist abstraction.

Selected Works

Tania Candiani

La Maringuilla, 2022

Video 00:03:00 min

1.90:1, Variable


Hilma's Ghost

"Jump through the violet portal! The Queen and Page are here to ferry you to the other side. There are signs and symbols to transform your relationship with the material plane. Attract abundance and throw your pentacles into the golden light. The prosperity fire in the realm of the inner square awaits you.", 2023

Acrylic and flashe on canvas

213.4 x 152.4 cm
84 x 60 in


Kati Horna

Oda a la necrofilia, 1962

Gelatin silver print

34.3 x 27.7 cm
13 1/2 x 11 in

Magali Lara

Untitled, 1993

Mixed media on canvas

154 x 113 cm
60 3/4 x 44 1/2 in


France-Lise McGurn

Rose Hotel, 2023

Oil and marker pen on canvas

120 x 160 cm
47 1/4 x 63 in


Vibe Overgaard

Block Spindle Piece, 2023

Found wood, reclaimed wood, unglazed ceramic, thread, metal bolts

55.9 x 35.6 x 15.2 cm
22 x 14 x 6 in


Salmo Suyo

Series: Disforia, 2021

Painting, cyan pigment

172 x 114 cm
67 3/4 x 45 in


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