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Bioceno: Arte · Comunidad · Coexistencia @ Museo de la Cancillería, Mexico City

The exhibition Bioceno: Arte · Comunidad · Coexistencia, currently presented at the Museo de la Cancillería, in Mexico City, is based on the concept of diversity, from which reflections are drawn both in social and creative terms.

Regarding the term that gives the exhibition its title, the curator of the exhibition, Jeannette Betancourt, comments that the biocene is a recent word, which designates the network of knowledge, technological developments and philosophies relative to the preservation of the environment.

Through four thematic axes, the exhibition shows some ideas about the implications of the human being in the visual and ecological redefinition of the planet. Among the more than 30 participating artists is Paul Muguet, who participates in this exhibition with Mattress No. 1 (twin size), which consists of a reflection on how objects and their designs configure the environment inhabited by human beings.

Due to the health contingency, Bioceno can be only visited virtually through the following link, which will be enabled until October of this year.