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Multi-Verse, Ding Yi at Tibet

“Multi-Verse: Ding Yi” is the first solo exhibition of Ding Yi in Tibet. The exhibit is divided into two spaces located in Lhasa. Shide Space presents a retrospective of paintings made since the 1980s and his most recent works are exhibited at the Jebum-Gang Art Center; both selections belong to his series “Appearance of Crosses”. For his new production, Ding Yi travelled to Tibet to study the culture, religion, and nature of the region in depth. He visited important temples and monasteries such as Palcho Monastery, Shalu Monastery, Sakya and Gongkar Chö before visiting the Mount Everest base camp. The environment and murals of these spaces offered him a new life perspective that served as inspiration for the development of new pieces, in which he implemented for the first time blue as the main color, and used mineral pigments with Tibetan materials to experiment with the technique.