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SENSE ME. Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design, Denmark

Until June 20, 2020, contemporary artist Jeppe Hein will be part of the SENSE ME exhibition at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design in Denmark. What are the senses but our ability - in potency and in act - to capture the information that the phenomena of reality present to us. Physical and chemical phenomena are revealed as flashes that we apprehend in a fragmented way through our perception and sensitivity. SENSE ME presents a series of scenarios planned to create sensitive atmospheres that lead the viewer to rethink the ways in which any type of stimulus is captured, becoming aware of the sensory inputs generated within each installation, preponderating the sensitive act before rationality. 

This exihibition places the multisensory experience at the core of the dynamics of action in daily life, where our memory - voluntary and involuntary - is activated by sensations or atmospheres, which can be initiated by a taste, by sounds, by a specific type of lighting , a calm rhythm, etc. With and from the artistic object, the sensitive act represents an exploration of subjectivities rather than objectivities, based on the evocative power of memory and the singular potency of the senses to recover images and ideas through a process of actalization.