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ZONA MACO 2022 - Art Fairs - GALERÍA RGR

In this Zona Maco edition we were pleased to present several works that reveal everything that originates around the abstract. We made a selection of relevant artists such as: Mona Ardeleanu, Matthias Bitzer, Claudia Comte, Elias Crespin, Carlos Cruz-Diez, José Dávila, Darío Escobar, Magdalena Fernández, Patrick Hamilton, Jeppe Hein, Omar Ibáñez, Robert Janitz, Alicja Kwade, Julio Le Parc, Conny Maier, Paul Muguet, Francisco Muñoz, Felipe Pantone, Diego Pérez, Bosco Sodi, Jesús Rafael Soto, Oswaldo Vigas y Ding Yi, who approach to historical, political and cultural facts that are still pending tasks or to theoretical statements of the use of materials. Our aim with this compilation is to generate a critical dialogue between artist, work and viewer to reflect on the way art is produced and understood today.


Elias Crespin, Tetralineados Aluminium 63, 2019.