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On The Razor´s Edge @ Museo Jumex

On August 18, 2020, Museo Jumex inaugurated the exhibition "On The Razor´s Edge", which brings together the works of more than seven international artists, including Guatemalan artist Darío Escobar. Escobar's selected work is entitled "Geometric Construction #6. This piece shows the link between the popular culture of decorating the bodies of cargo trucks, commonly known as "redilas", and the reconfiguration of its shape (since it can be opened), resulting in a dynamic work.

"On The Razor´s Edge" is an exhibition organized by Patricia Marshall, who has played a significant role in the formation of this collection, the show is divided into four thematic sections in which she reflects on migration and freedom; the human body; its environment; as well as the irrepressible and always incomplete passage of time. As a whole, the exhibition acts as a meditation on these struggles as an individual, as a society, and as part of the world and time in which we live together.

The exhibition will be on view from August 18, 2020 to February 14, 2021.