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Matthias Bitzer - 艺术家 - GALERÍA RGR

(Stuttgart, Germany, 1975) 

Matthias Bitzer's work is poetic and enigmatic, as he resolves figurative painting with abstraction and ornamental geometries. His passion for literature, poetry, and science result in an optical network that connects gaps in our perception of time and space. His source of inspiration derives from a broad range of often forgotten historical figures, including Emily Dickinson.

Bitzer's unique artistic language is based on formal and conceptual themes that diverge between abstraction and figuration. He references artists from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries such as Láslò Moholy Nagy or Oskar Schlemmer. Nevertheless, his work goes beyond what his predecessors explored.

Bitzer unfolds a new perspective on modernism by creating a visual cosmos that immerses the viewer in a world of figuration in geometric patterns, overlapped images, and abstraction. In that sense, Bitzer is concerned with identity as an existential stance and constantly unveils the fragility of what we take as “truth."

Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.