Felipe Pantone OPTICHROMIE MSS, enamel and UV paint on aluminum composite panel, 210 x 150 cm.

Galería RGR is honored to present the exhibition "Big Time Data" by Felipe Pantone. The artist's plastic concerns - between the representation of the digital image and street art - have placed him at the center of the contemporary art scene. Pantone will take part in the gallery space, in addition to present part of its most recent plastic production of series such as Optichromie, Planned Iridescence, Subtractive Variability, Integration System and Chromadynamica.

When we talk about Big Data, we are referring to a field of study that deals with ways of analyzing, systematically extracting information or dealing with data sets that are too large or complex to be handled by traditional data processing application software. How does our gaze change when we live with that information that exceeds us and is presented under its own code? How do we analyze the massive, the rhizomatic?

Felipe Pantone’s work, instead of trying to translate and limit the subtext of the unlimited, represents it graphically -from its own language- to reflect about these processes. At exalt the digital nature of communication in our era, his plastic work exposes, on a large scale, the subsoil of contemporary visual culture: glitch, iridescence, dynamics, distortion.

Through the combination of analogous media (such as spray paint) with sophisticated printing methods, Felipe has managed to produce images that still stand out within the massive urban visual traffic. As cuts in the fabric of the accelerated hypermodern daily life in which we live, Pantone's works function as peepholes in the closed doors of the web.

Selected Works

OPTICHROMIE 123, Enamel and UV paint on aluminum composite panel, 200x150 cm.

CHROMADYNAMICA 111, UV paint on aluminum composite panel, 100 x 250 cm

Subtractive Variability #37, UV paint on aluminium composite panel, 120x170 cm

SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY CIRCULAR 4, 2019. UV paint on PMMA, 100 x 100 cm.