Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone portrair by Selina Miles 

Felipe Pantone was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1986.

Although the artist was born in Argentina, his family moved to Spain when he was only 10 years old and it was there, in the town of Torrevieja, where he began his career in graffiti.

Pantone's work evokes a spirit that feels like a collision between an analog past and a digitalized future, where humans and machines inevitably confuse each other in a prism of neon gradients, geometric shapes, optical patterns and irregular grids.

Pantone is a by-product of the technological age of the Internet. As a result of this extended screen time, the creator explores how the shifting of the light spectrum affects color and repetition. In his own words: "Light and color are the very essence of visual art. Thanks to television, computers and modern lighting, our perception of light and color has changed completely."

For Pantone, his works are a meditation on the ways in which they consume visual information.

Felipe Pantone currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain.