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Galería RGR is pleased to present Julio Le Parc’s debut in a gallery in Mexico. Julio Le Parc: Visual Encounters, with curatorial text by Daniel Montero Fayad, includes seminal and recent works across two-dimensional and three- dimensional pieces, showcasing the artist’s dedication to experimentation and research. Through his work, Le Parc sought the development and exploration of abstract visual languages. In the exhibit, five influential series, Surface-Couleur (1959 - 2022), Lumière (1959 - 2022), Continuels-Mobils (1960 - 2022), Déplacement (1963 - 2022), and Alchimie (1988 - 2022) are on view. They study Le Parc’s experimentation with light and color relationships through complex canvas compositions and acrylic mobiles. In recent works, such as Alchimie 499 (2022), Le Parc continues his work into chromatic shapes, dots, and lines, interrogating color relationships, exhibited at the show alongside his signature suspended pieces of steel and plexiglass. Gathered together at Galería RGR, each series reveals the exploration of the field of lights, movement, and perception, which combine to formalise Le Parc’s status as a leading experimental artist and to foreground the impact of his practice on the development of contemporary art.


Selected Works

Julio Le Parc

Ondes 110 n°8, 1974
Acrylic on canvas
150h x 300w x 3d cm
59 7/127h x 118 14/127w x 1 23/127d in


Julio Le Parc

Alchimie 492, Diptych, 2021

Acrylic on canvas
195h x 260w cm
76 98/127h x 102 46/127w in


Julio Le Parc

Ondes 160, 2022
Acrylic on canvas
195h x 144w cm
76 98/127h x 56 88/127w in


Julio Le Parc

Continuel Mobile Losange Acier, 2020

Ø 300 cm

Julio Le Parc

Continuel lumière mobile carré alvéolés, 1960-2007

Wood, plastic, light
216h x 200w x 23d cm

85 5/127h x 78 94/127w x 9 7/127d in

Edition 1 of 3

Julio Le Parc

64 Lames réfléchissantes, 2017

Stainless steel

234h x 255w x 86d cm

92 16/127h x 100 11/28w x 33 109/127d in

Edition of 9

Installation Images

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