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Ding Yi  丁乙 @ Power Station of Art, Shanghai

From September 20, 2019, to March 8, 2020, the influential artist, Ding Yi, will participate in the exhibition The Return of Guest in the Power Station of Art, Shanghai. 

This will be the first exhibition dedicated to works from the permanent collection of this important contemporary art museum. Covering a wide range of media including video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation and literature, the exhibition will present more than 60 works of art from almost 40 artists and groups housed inside the old power station.

“The Return of Guest” marks out a multitude of itineraries, with a number of pieces presented in the museum’s common space to help create an open context for dialogue.

The meeting will give priority to works by artists who have contributed significantly to the development of contemporary Chinese art, as well as emerging talents, including key exhibits of pasts Shanghai's biennial and creations commissioned especially for the iconic industrial space of the PSA.