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Ensemble Urbain @ APSMUSEUM, Shanghai

Located in Shanghai and founded by Art Pioneer Studio, the APSMUSEUM opened with a curatorial proposal that will bring together some of the most relevant names in contemporary art, fashion, design, architecture and other creative disciplines.

The new venue inaugurate with Ensemble Urbain: an exhibition that includes pieces by 15 artists of international stature, including Ding Yi, Anish Kapoor and James Turrell, in order to offer a new reading of life in urban environments, characterized by the meeting of different eras that constantly change the landscape of cities, in a very similar way to the change that each generation of creators generate, whom define and modify aesthetic problems over time with their proposals.

Ding Yi participates with a piece from his renowned series Appearance of Crosses, in which the artist creates images of great geometric complexity from the cross, a graphic element used by the artist to develop a new understanding of abstract painting, where the gesture and a wide palette of colors converge with a space defined by grids, so the viewer can turn completely in the act of contemplating.

The show will remain open until February 28, 2021.