Elias Crespin

Elias Crespin with “Plano Flexionante 4”, 2013.

Elias Crespin was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he lived until he moved to Paris in 2008. 

His work merges two universes: art and computer science. 

Crespin uses custom-software-controlled motors to animate the modular geometric structures he creates. His installations consist of arrangements of metal or plastic hand-formed elements or single elements in geometric shapes, which are suspended in midair by nearly invisible nylon threads. 

Elias Crespin studied computer science in Caracas: Grandson of artists and son of mathematicians, he began developing his first work “Malla Electrocinética”, in 2002. 

Based on his research in programming, he applies technology to the plastic arts to create sculptures in motion.

His sculptures are hold in the collections of important institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, El Museo del Barrio in New York, the MALBA in Buenos Aires, among others.
Elias Crespin currently lives and works in Paris, France.