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Elias Crespin

Elias Crespin with “Plano Flexionante 4”, 2013.

Caracas, Venezuela, 1965.

Crespin's work merges two universes: art and science. Both fields of knowledge were not unfamiliar to him, as he is grandson of artists and son of mathematicians. However, the artist identifies as a decisive moment at the start of his artistic career, when he found Jesus Soto's work and imagine graphics and algorithmic functions that would allow the art piece to dance. He began to develop his first work “Malla Electrocinética” in 2002. By using motors controlled through custom software, the artist gets to animate the modular geometric structures that he creates. 

His installations consist on metallic or plastic elements, that are suspended in the air by almost imperceptible nylon threads. Based on his research in programming, Crespin applies technology to create sculptures in motion. 

His work continues and transcends part of the concerns of geometric abstraction by moving in space what often happened only in the viewer's retina. 


Elias Crespin currently lives and works in Paris, France.