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Convergences is an unprecedented exhibition project between the artists Elias Crespin (Venezuela, 1965) and Felipe Pantone (Argentina, 1986). The exhibition, accompanied by a text by curator Tania Aedo (Mexico, 1968), brings together 20 works, including two pieces that were specially made by both artists in collaboration for this exhibition. 

This project arises from the interest in deepening the relationships that exist between time, movement and technology. According to the curator, the exhibition becomes a “disturbance”, which is perceptible to the human eye as a subtle collision of elements characteristic of each artist's work: the gradients of color and a highly contrasted palette —constant in Pantone's work— and the precise choreography indicated by the motor programming, characteristic of Crespin's work. The result is a language that moves between technology and fine art, like a glitch in art history.


Selected Works

Elias Crespin & Felipe Pantone


Aluminum, enamel, varnish, nylon, motors, computer, electronic interface

50h x 16w cm

19 87/127h x 6 38/127w in

Edition of 8 + AP

Elias Crespin

Tetralineados Gray Blue, 2022

Aluminium, nylon, motors, computer and electronic interface

154h x 20w x 20d cm

60 80/127h x 7 111/127w x 7 111/127d in


Elias Crespin & Felipe Pantone

Cubo Ondulatorio “Pantone”, 2021

Painted aluminium, nylon, motors, computer and electronic interface

70h x 70w x 64.50d cm

27 71/127h x 27 71/127w x 25 50/127d in

Unique + 2 AP

Felipe Pantone

OPTICHROMIE #143, 2022

Enamel, UV paint, aluminum composite panel, aluminum

200h x 600w cm

78 94/127h x 236 28/127w in


Elias Crespin

Cuadrado Flexionante Rojo, 2018

Aluminium, nylon, motors, computer and electronic interface

100h x 100w cm

39 47/127h x 39 47/127w x 35/127d in


Felipe Pantone


UV paint, UHS lacquer, PMMA, POM, ball bearings, pulleys

Ø 100 cm


Installation Images

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