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Fernanda Fragateiro - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Montijo, Portugal, 1962)

Fernanda Fragateiro’s work powers relationships with space, immersing the viewer in a performative situation. Her interventions in unexpected locations (a monastery, an orphanage, houses in ruins, i.e.), subtle landscape alterations, and the use of materials such as fabrics found in German factories, used books, or rubbles from the Portuguese construction boom; reveal stories buried in transformation.

The Portuguese artist references art history, architecture, feminism, and politics yet, maintains a solid characteristic style with a minimalist aesthetic of form, color, and texture. Fragateiro operates in the three-dimensional field, focusing on sculpture and installation as her primary means of expression. The way in which Fragateiro intervenes space unveils her keen interest in rethinking modernism.

Currently lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.