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“The Other Order of Form” presents the work of five contemporary artists that live and work between Latin America and Europe: Fernanda Fragateiro (Portugal), Darío Escobar (Guatemala), Matthias Bitzer (Germany), Patrick Hamilton (Chile), and Eva Berendes (Germany). Beyond their formal and conceptual strategies, they share the use of the plastic language associated with certain formalism but charged with historical, social, and cultural content. 

In that sense, “The Other Order of Form” explores the possibilities derived from the languages from the 20th-century Avant-garde - Constructivism, Neoplasticism, Bauhaus, Neo-Concretism- to talk to us in the present time about matters related to the urban landscape, the desert, and time, as well as of memory and the relationship of our perception of things in front of phenomena that surrounds us. In the works presented in this exhibition, there exists an explicit will to alter our gaze to unlearn what we take for as known and to question our relationship with abstract thought and concrete reality.

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