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Jeppe Hein

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013.

Copenhague, Dinamarca, 1974.

Hein, who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, as well as in the Städelschule in Frankfurt, is dedicated to the production of installations and works that blend the sculptural and the architectonic in often ludic ways, rooted upon spectator participation. Through technological resources, Hein’s works emphasize what he conceives as the communicative potential of art, creating interactive situations in which the sculptures or environments become active solely through the presence of a human being.

Recalling the dialogues procured by conceptual art and minimalism, Hein’s practice is founded upon the use of reflective materials that allow observers to “look at themselves” during the interaction, making the process of communication evident. The perception of spaces, of forms, of oneself, and of others who are also participating, turns into the motor of the conversations that will grant any work its meaning. In the artist’s words: “I want to show that the work is nothing by itself, it is the public that forms it. The active role of the viewer is what makes the piece the center of attention.”

Jeppe Hein lives and works between Berlin, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark.