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Paul Muguet - Artists - GALERÍA RGR

(Mexico City, Mexico, 1975) 

He holds a degree in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts of Annecy, France, and a Master in Visual Arts from the Superior School of Fine Arts of Nîmes, France. Since 2019 is member of FONCA’s Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte. For Muguet, painting and sculpture are mediums that serve as a starting point to explore what he has called “the worries, the interests and the emotions that emerge in the everyday life of any person.” The references to daily life are therefore fundamental in his work, whether they are common thoughts about death, time, or dreams, or the familiar objects on which the experiences of each person are imprinted.

Such experiences are inscribed in material cultures whose approaches to color and design are particular. Muguet is characterized by reactivating the complexity of what culture has integrated as part of its visual normality. The Secuencias (2017) and Petates (2018) reproduce coloristic patterns of everyday Mexican products such as bags, beds, and rugs, whose complexity and diversity acquire new dimensions when recreated as paintings. While there is a shared context in which the patterns refer to particular objects, this coexists directly with a personal perspective, in which those same objects cease to have a shared meaning and acquire a unique one, dependent on the individual who looks at them. This connection is one of the main motifs of the artist's research.

He currently lives and works in Mexico City.